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We think you will find the information on these swimming pages very interesting. It was provided by Clive Rushton who is now the national team coach of New Zealand. Many of these ideas are based on the writings of Bern Pansold, a sports scientist for East German swim teams in the 1970's and 1980's. We at Lactate.com believe that many of Pansold's ideas are very relevant but that Jan Olbrecht's approach is superior. Jan's ideas explain Pansold's findings but add to them because Jan has uncovered much of the physiology behind Pansold's approach and has taken them in some different directions.

For Jan Olbrecht's ideas read his book The Science of Winning or go through our CD-ROM, The Secrets of Lactate.

August 2003



Lactate testing has been used by Olympic Champions and World record-holders for over twenty years. These pages will explain the testing methods of lactate analysis and the interpretation of results - probably the least understood, yet most important, aspect of lactate testing. Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary information and knowledge to develop, maintain and enhance the performance characteristics of your swimmers.
butterfly at speed WHY TEST?

The rationale for testing; time-consuming or time-using?

Also, age-groupers or Olympic Champions; which swimmers will benefit most?



Explaining the results - the de-mystification of lactate testing! How to use the test results to give real coaching information - the most misunderstood aspect of lactate testing procedures. Simple explanations and clear diagrams take you, step by step through simple and multiple tests, the three vital components of sporting performance, how sprinters and distance swimmers differ, ...and more.


The swimming pages of this site are organized into three sections plus a glossary of frequently used terms; words and phrases. Each section covers a specialized aspect of lactate testing.



Acceptance of lactate testing has been slow, in some countries, because of :

Its association with the training methods of East Germany,

Cost or, lately,

Fear of blood.

We will put these concerns and fears to rest, and explain the enormous advantages which the data, provided by lactate testing, can bring to your coaching and its' effectiveness. We will take you smoothly through the, often confusing, intersection of coaching-science and coaching-art. We will put information at your finger-tips and enable you to use this essential methodology to your advantage.



Test protocols and techniques.

This section also covers, what to test - which metabolic processes will reveal the information you need; aerobic, anaerobic, alactic, and, when to test - which part of the training cycle gives best results?


The Accusport® and Accutrend Lactate Portable Lactate Analyzers are simple devices which enables you to gain accurate information about your swimmer. It is small, light, easy-to-use tool, which can help make your coaching decisions more effective. With it you can measure the three vital components of sporting performance. Start your journey through the pages now and use the valuable data to develop, stabilize, enhance, or even change the performance characteristics of your swimmers.





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