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Below is an outline of the lactate course we sell. It has replaced a CD Rom we used to sell.  The webcourse costs $20 (deductible later if you buy an analyzer from us). This tutorial provides essentially the same information as the CD. It is one of the most extensive discussions of lactate in the world. (if you can find anything better, let us know )

This tutorial was designed to be read in the order presented but readers can browse individual tutorial chapters and discussions in any order. The discussion section contains extensive articles/demonstrations on different aspects of lactate testing and lactate metabolism.

Find out what causes lactate to appear in the blood during exercise and competition and why traditional explanations in the text books and training literature neglect an important factor. This factor directly affects when lactate starts to rise and how much will appear but more importantly, how well an athlete can perform in a specific event. It is called VLamax.

We especially recommend Jan Olbrecht's book, The Science of Winning, because of its sophisticated discussion of lactate testing for the training of athletes. Sebastian Weber's website INSCYD is also extremely relvant as well as Shannon Grady's new book, the Lactate Revolution. Ernie Maglischo's book, Swimming Fastest, written for coaches, has over 150 pages on exercise metabolism and the science behind training.

The course costs $20 and can be purchased by visiting our online ordering site. Interested individuals can also call Sports Resource Group or send questions to us by email.  An outline of the course which consist of 16 chapters with several mini lessons and a series of discusssions on various aspects of lactate testing.

Lactate Tutorial - 16 Chapters
  • Basics
    1. Lactate Tutorial Introduction (8 lessons)
    2. Terminology (1 lesson)
  • Lactate Physiology
    1. Energy Systems (7 lessons)
    2. Rationale for Lactate Testing (7 lessons)
    3. Testing Principles (3 lessons)
    4. Lactate Threshold (3 lessons)
  • Lactate Testing Protocols
    1. Testing for Lactate Threshold (10 lessons)
    2. Multi-method Threshold Test (5 lessons)
    3. Alternative to Lactate Threshold (3 lessons)
    4. New Testing (4 lessons)
  • Lactate Interpretation
    1. Lactate Testing Interpretation (5 lessons)
    2. Some Interpretation Problems (6 lessons)
  • Sport Specific Testing
    1. Swimming (15 lessons)
    2. Triathlon (link to a webpage)
    3. Rowing (5 lessons)
  • What Drives Lactate Production
    1. Energy System Interactions (6 lessons)

Lactate Discussions

  • The Physiology of a Peak Performance
  • Lactate Testing - Our Recommended Approach (9 sections)
  • illustration of Taking Blood from Ear Lobe
  • Lactate Threshold (7 sections)
  • Thresholds in General (9 sections)
  • Consistency in Testing -
    Other Factors Affecting a Test

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