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Lactate Plus Lactate Analyzer
lactate plus

Uses AAA batteries
Lactate Plus Test Strips (box of 25)

$46.00 per box for 1-2 boxes (1.84 per strip)
$45.00 per box for 3-5 boxes (1.80 per strip)
$44.50 per box for 6-19 boxes (1.78 per strip)
$43.50 per box for 20-49 boxes (1.74 per strip)
$42.50 per box for 50-99 boxes (1.70 per strip)
$41.50 per box for 100+ boxes (1.66 per strip)

Lactate Plus Control Solutions $27.50 for high and low test controls
$15.00 for either high or low test control
Softclix Lancet Device $35 for lancet device with 17 lancets
Softclix Lancets $15 for box of 100 for SoftClix lancet device only
Autolet Impression by Owen Mumford* $15 for lancet device
Unilet Comfort Touch Lancets by Owen Mumford* $13 for 100 lancets - will not work in Softclix device
Single use lancets - safety lancets $22.50 for 100 lancets - no device required
$7 - Original Lactate Plus is powered by a single, 3 volt, coin cell battery. This battery can be purchased directly from us or at most drugstores. Battery life is approximately 600 tests. Model-2450.

Newer model above is powered by AAA bateries.

PC Cable
$80 - The PC USB port data cable can be used to upload data from Lactate Plus into an external computer. It comes with PC data transfer software for Windows™ 2000 and XP that transfers the data to an Excel file.
Secrets of Lactate CD-ROM No longer available - Replaced by Secrets of Lactate Course
Secrets of Lactate Course $20
Science of Winning ebook and print version $45 print version. Click here for more information about the book.
Shipping/Handling - less than 1 lb $13.00 in US
Shipping/Handling - 1-2 lb $18 in US
Shipping/Handling - 2-3 lb $20.00 in US
Home/remote residence/
all Rocky Mountains and Western US locations
Add $2.50 for home
Add $2.50 for remote address
Add $2.50 Rocky Mountains and Western US
International Shipping Based on cost
*Autolet Impression works with universal lancets but not SoftClix lancets

Lactate Testing Packages

Lactate Plus
Individual Package
$385 $420 value Lactate Plus Analyzer, 50 test strips, 100 safety lancets, Secrets of Lactate Course
Lactate Plus
Small Team Package
$650 $706 value Analyzer, 200 test strips, 200 safety lancets, Secrets of Lactate Course
Lactate Plus
Large Team Package
$1,290 $1,392 value 2 Analyzers, 400 test strips, 400 safety lancets, Secrets of Lactate Course
Lactate Plus
Academic Package
$875 $934 value Analyzer, 300 test strips, 300 safety lancets, Control Solutions, Secrets of Lactate Course

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