The Best Sources on Lactate in the World
The Secrets of Lactate Course

We have searched the world to try to find the best information on lactate and have included the most important ideas in an on line course. The course has 16 chapters, 2 in-depth discussions on lactate testing and lactate metabolism More is being added. Solve the Mystery Zone and avoid the Double Whammy.

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Jan Olbrecht's Book on Training

In this book, Jan Olbrecht lays out his approach to training which emphasizes the training of the muscle's energy systems. This is the same approach he uses to advise such world class swimmers as Pieter van den Hoogenband and Ironman world record holder, Luc Van Lierde. No training zones or heart rates because each athlete must have individual training based on their conditioning profile which includes how their energy systems will interact during training and competition. Jan uses an unique method of lactate testing to assess the athletes he advises because it is the only way he can get the necessary information to train them correctly. He is a maestro.

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Accusport Workshop Report

When the Accusport was first introduced, some of the top experts on lactate in Europe were invited to a conference to present their ideas of how to use lactate testing and the Accusport portable lactate analyzer.

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Peter Janssen's Book
Peter Janssen's original book was one of the few books published in the last 15 years that covered lactate testing . His original book, "Training Lactate Pulse Rate" was published by Polar and was primarily a book on how to use heart rate monitors for training. Despite the new book's title, this book is also a primer on how to use heart rate monitors for training.

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New Australian book on Testing
The most successful sports program in the world tells you how they test their athletes. It covers the testing approaches in 17 different sports and includes chapters on lactate testing, blood handling, VO2 max assessment, strength and power testing, flexibility assessment, anthropometric testing and more. If you are serious about testing athletes then this is the book for you. Nearly 500 pages with hundreds of charts, tables and diagrams.

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Viru's book on Biochemistry of Sport
Two of the former Soviet Union's top sports scientists discuss both Western and Eastern bloc biological science on training and exercise. What actually happens when an athlete trains and competes? How do you monitor it and how do you control what happens? 300 pages. If you are interested in the physiology of training then this is a must.

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Volker Nolte's Book on Rowing
This book contain the latest information about the training and physiology of rowing as well as technical information about the equipment. There are three chapters that discuss energy metabolism and lactate testing in this book. About 300 pages.

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Asker Jeukendrup's Book on Cycling
This book contain the latest information about the training and physiology of cycling as well as technical information about the equipment. There is little information about lactate testing in this book. Over 300 pages.

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Ernie Maglischo's New Book on Swimming
This is the complete book on swimming. 800 pages on technique, training and race strategy. There are 22 chapters (11 on training) including detailed discussion of the energy metabolism of swimming. We will not ship this book outside of the US because it weighs 7 pounds and shipping is too expensive.

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Our Assessment - We publish and distribute the "Secrets of Lactate" Course so naturally it is our favorite. . Thus, for lactate testing it is the best source of information in the world.

For training, Jan Olbrecht's book is by the far the best book available as he introduces ideas you will not see in any other book on training. It is also the basis for a large part of our information on lactate testing. . We have have found no one who understands the relationship between lactate testing and athletic performance better than Jan and as we said above we have searched the world. Jan is a maestro. The book is now available as an ebook.

Ernie Maglischo's book on swimming, "Swimming Fastest" has over 350 pages (out of 800 pages) on planning, training and exercise physiology. Included is a detailed discussion on lactate testing.

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