Below is a list of links to eight animated examples of energy metabolism that are on The Secrets of Lactate CD-ROM. These require Flash to run properly and may not run on some older browsers. In this demonstration only one link is active, that for the step or graded exercise test. Each example shows how different metabolic parameters behave during different types of exercise. These examples mainly involve running and rowing. They show steady state as well as the exhaustive type of exercise that is typical during short races (20 seconds to 6 minutes). They are from the writings of Alois Mader who has in the last 15 years been developing a comprehensive model of energy metabolism. You will notice that some of the examples are from 2003 but some are from 1988.

Press the link in the table below for the step test and it will take you to the example. A text box will appear at the bottom of the window with instructions. All the examples work more or less in the same way. Namely, you press the button next to the physiological parameter of interest and a curve will appear in the graph window indicating what happens to that variable during the exercise. A "Clear" button removes the curve when you wish. In some cases there is more than one button to press for a variable because there are curves for more than one athlete within the example.

When you are finished, click the brown return box titled "Home Page" in the lower right corner and you will be brought back to this menu. To get back to the CD-ROM menu from this page click on the logo above or the link below.

These are meant to be educational in nature and any suggestions for improving the presentation format or the material covered are welcome. We hope to add examples from other sports to these animations in the future.

VO2 max run
What happens when an athlete runs to exhaustion at VO2 max?
MLSS run
What happens when a runner goes 30 minutes at the Maximum Lactate Steady State?
What happens when a runner completes a step test on a treadmill?
Three Rowers
Differences between three rowers with same VO2 max
6 minute max row
What happens when a rower completes a maximum effort over 6 minutes?
Rowing - effect of VO2 max
Differences between two rowers with different VO2 max
MLSS row
What happens when a rower goes 8 minutes at the Maximum Lactate Steady State?
All-out Run at 20 and 90 sec.
What's the difference between a 20 second exhaustive run and one at 90 seconds?