Accusport/Accutrend Lactate Technical Information

System 1. Accusport/Accutrend Lactate Portable Lactate Analyzer

2. BM Lactate Test Strips

Measuring Principle Enzymatic determination and reflectance photometry (wavelength 660 nm) of lactate in sample of whole blood. System reads lactate levels in plasma portion of whole blood.
Validation Process Instrument has been tested using guidelines of the European Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards (tested at 9 separate sites) and cleared for sports medicine use by Federal Drug Administration in the United States (tested at 3 separate sites). Results of these tests are in the Accuracy section..
Result Presentation Values can be displayed as whole blood or plasma. The instrument converts plasma readings to whole blood values by means of an internal conversion factor.
Measuring Range Whole Blood Mode: 0.8 mmol/l - 22 mmol/l

Plasma Mode: 0.7 mmol/l - 27 mmol/l

Sample site Fingertip or earlobe.
Sample Preparation Unmeasured drop of fresh capillary whole blood (15-50µl) is applied to lactate test strips. Ideal levels are a large hanging drop of blood which is approximately 20-25µl of blood. Some users take blood from earlobe or fingertip using a capillary tube and then pipette the blood to the lactate strip.
Alternative Sample Preparation In laboratory setting venous blood can be used with proper medical supervision. Samples are then pipetted to strip.
Measuring Time Approximately 60 seconds
Temperature Range 5 - 35 C or 41 - 95 F
Relative Humidity 10 - 90%
Dimensions Meter: 4.5 x 2.5 x 0.75 inches (115 x 62 x 18.5 mm)

Strip: 1.87 x 0.25 inches (46 x 6 mm)

Weight (without batteries) Approximately 3.75 ounces (100 g)
Display Digital LCD with symbols
Power Supply 3 x 1.5 V batteries, type AAA
Memory Capacity 101 values divided among 6 users. Includes date and time. Maximum 60 values per user.
Data Port 3-pin socket, serial port. Data transfer system available.
Lactate Strip Packaging Lactate strip are packaged in vials of 25 strips.
Control Solutions Two levels: low and high.

Lactate Strip Description

The Lactate strip consists of four layers (See image below.) These are:

The reverse side of the strip contains a barcode with the strip lot number and calibrating information. There is also a window exposing the detector film layer to the photometer.

Lactate Determination Process

When a drop of blood is placed on the top layer (yellow mesh), the blood will pass through to the next level. The second layer will then separate the red blood cells and blood plasma will continue to the third layer. A chemical reaction will take place in the detector film resulting in a color change observed by the reflectance photometer. This reaction will take approximately 60 seconds. It is a similar process that millions of diabetics use every day to measure their blood sugar. The chemistry in the strip is different from those strips that doctors and diabetics use to measure blood glucose but the technology is very similar. For instruction on operating the Accusport/Accutrend Lactate analyzer see "How to Use the Accusport/Accutrend Lactate"

Lactate Strip

Accutrend Lactate Information

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