Find the Origin of Performance

Software for measuring, tracking and monitoring
the metabolic capacity of athletes

Sebastian Weber has developed software for assessing the current metabolic potential of an athlete and predictions for performance in a race or endurance in a team sport. It is based on over 40 years of science into how energy metabolism is controlled at the cellular level.

The software is called INSCYD.

In simple words, do an appropriate test and the software will tell the coach how well an athlete will do at that moment in time in a sport event.

  1. More importantly, the software will tell the coach what has to be improved for the performance to improve. And how to train the athlete to improve it.
  2. For example, the software will measure 10 different aspects of an athlete's conditioning. These are
    • aerobic capacity or VO2 max was named as the single most wanted performance metric in various sports
    • anaerobic capacity defined as glycolytic capacity (VLamax) a low VLamax increases the anaerobic threshold and fat combustion, and shortens recovery from hard efforts. On the other, a high VLamax increases the power available for attacks, sprints and short efforts
    • anaerobic threshold is the maximum lactate threshold
    • %VO2 max - the percentage of VO2 max for a particular effort
    • Efficiency - the single most important parameter in free motion sports such as running and swimming - measured routinely as part of INSCYD
    • lactate oxidation - LOP (lack of pyruvate) and lactate accumulation are proven to be very sensitive marker for performance in elite sports. Every bout of sprinting or or high intensity effort may result in lactate accumulation. The duration and intensity an athlete can recover at from these efforts is crucial. Learn the production rates and clearances rates for each athlete.
    • fat free mass
    • body muscle - The amount of muscle … mass as a percentage of the whole body mass.
    • Fatmax - the maximum fat combustion rate. It describes an intensity – speed or power – at which the combustion of fat for energy production is at the highest. Fat combustion rates are highly individual metrics. Significant differences are observed both between different athletes, and between different states of training in the same athlete. Create strategies to increase energy expenditure from fat, thereby enhancing athlete performance.
    • Carbmax - carbohydrates are your athlete’s main energy source for high intensity exercise, but the uptake of this fuel by the body is limited. Perfecting intake of carbohydrates is trainable, but needs to be practiced.
  3. The following graphic is an example of the information a coach will receive with the software.

  4. The ideas of Sebastian Weber are discussed in detail on our lactate and cycling page

Sebastian developed this software based on the ideas of Alois Mader. This software is currently being used with swimming and cycling federations in Europe and is now available for any coach.

Click here to go to INSCYD to learn more about the software