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Instructions for Lactate Analyzer

Step 1. The meter is off. Step 2. There is an off/on button on the meter. Press this button to turn on the meter.
Step 3.The screen will initially flash the numbers 88.8. If you wonder why 88.8 is displayed it is because this set of numbers uses all the lines on the lcd and it is easy to see if there is a broken line which may lead you to read the wrong number.
Step 4. When the meter is turned on, a code number for the Accutrend lactate or Accusport strips is displayed. For example, suppose the number 577 appears on the display. This indicates the meter is calibrated for strips from lot number 577. .
Step 6. The machine will beep if the strip is ok and the word "code" will stop blinking in the display. The code number will remain on the display.
Step 5. Take a new strip out of the vial and insert the strip into the slot at the base of the meter.
Step 7. Open the flap at the base of the meter revealing the strip that has just been inserted. The display will now show 60 indicating it will take 60 seconds to measure lactate in a sample. Step 8. Apply a drop of blood to the yellow pad in the middle of the strip. The pad must be covered completely. A good sized blood drop will cover the strip or about 20-25 micro liters of blood if you are using a lab measuring device. This example is done with the Reflotron applicator that is included with every test package. The Reflotron applicator uses capillary tubes and makes this process very easy.
Step 9. Once the strips is thoroughly covered the next step will be to close the flap. Step 10. The analyzer will count down to zero.
Step 11. When zero is reached the machine will beep and then display the lactate value. In this example, the lactate value is 3.9 mmol/l.
Step 12. Open the flap and withdraw the test strip. Dispose of the test strip properly. Close the flap and prepare for the next test (Step 5).
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