Secrets of Lactate CD-ROM

This CD-ROM provides you with one of the most extensive discussions of lactate in the world. The tutorial was designed to be read in the order presented but the reader can browse the individual tutorial modules and discussions in any order they wish. The discussion section contains nine extensive articles/demonstrations on different aspects of lactate testing and lactate metabolism and flash videos that illustrate the effect of different parameters on energy metabolism. Find out what causes lactate to appear in the blood during exercise and competition and why traditional explanations in the text books and training literature neglect an important factor that directly determines when lactate starts to rise and how much will appear.

The bibliography section (5000 + references) is not meant to be complete but is the most extensive reference list on lactate metabolism and testing in existence. In addition to this extensive bibliography there is a list and discussion of what we consider the most relevant references. When it is re-printed, we especially recommend Jan Olbrecht's book because of its sophisticated discussion of lactate testing for the training of athletes. He is the maestro on lactate testing. Ernie Maglischo's book, written for coaches, has over 150 pages on exercise metabolism and the science behind training.

We have provided some sample slides from several of the modules. Feel free to look at these slides. There are over 530 in the tutorial and over 70 have been provided here as samples. (See links under tutorial below) If you wish to look at these sample slides, some might take longer than others to download. On each slide if you click the logo at the top, it will return you to the home page. To return to this page click "Main Menu" on the navigation bar at the top of each sample slide.

This CD-ROM costs $40 and can be purchased by calling Sports Resource Group, faxing us an order form or sending us an email. If you later decide to buy a test package for any of our analyzers, you can deduct the $40 from the price of the test package. The Secrets of Lactate CD-ROM comes with all our test packages.

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