Knoxville Swim Clinic - Apr 6-7 2018
Preliminary Information

Time and Place 2018

Jan Olbrecht will be back in Knoxvile for a fourth time on Apr 6 and 7, 2018. The University of Tennessee and Mark Kredich host the fourth School of Thought Swim Clinic. This clinic features Jan Olbrecht along with Ernie Maglischo and Fiona Mather. This is the prelimanary list of speakers and more will be added.


Jan Olbrecht

Jan is recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts in the application of lactate testing to training design. His book “The Science of Winning” has become one of the most influential books written on training theory for swimming and is used by coaches of several different sports. Since the publication of the book 20 years ago, Olbrecht’s theories have been further validated on thousands of high level athletes who he has monitored over the years. Many of these athletes have been extremely successful and have won hundreds of World Championship and Olympic medals. It total Jan has advised athletes who have won over 600 Olympic, World Championship, European Championship and Commonwealth Championship medals. Jan spoke at U. of Tennessee last April.

Jan speaks to the coaches during a session
on the training effects of various swim exercises
at previous clinic.

They were planning training exercises based on this chart from the Science of Winning.

Ernie Maglischo

Ernie has been researching HRV (heart rate variability) and will share his thoughts and findings, as well as on recent findings of training adaptations at the molecular level.

Fiona Mather

Fiona is a physiotherapist currently working for High Performance Sport New Zealand. She has worked extensively in swimming and has some fascinating thoughts on biomechanics and anatomy.


This is just preliminary information and a formal application will be added when it becoms available.